Tricky Fish End of Year Review 2021

Tricky Fish End of Year Review 2021

Tricky Fish
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This episode features clips that were cut from previous episodes that either derailed or dragged down their respective episodes, but the clips themselves were too entertaining to leave on the cutting room floor. Enjoy!


Announcer: Welcome to tricky fish; a conversation between a Gen X dad and his millennial daughter. Here’s your host, Ian and Rhiannon.

I: Hello tricky fish listeners. As you know, we are currently on hiatus for the holidays and will return after the start of the new year. We hope your holidays have been good to you. This is the inaugural tricky fish end of the year review episode. Unlike those episodes of television where the characters sit around and quote unquote, reminisce, which happens to be clips from episodes you already watched. This episode of the podcast is going to give you clips that were cut for various reasons. Some were cut because they completely derailed the episode, some because it caused the episode to drag. These are presented in no particular order. In any case, these have never been heard until now. So sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the goodness.

Cuts to:

I: Whereas if you go into like, like you can’t I don’t think you can go into Taco Bell and get a Mexican pizza anymore. Like they discontinued that. 

R: And it’s like gone forever.

I: that’s my understanding. I don’t really eat a taco bell because it gives me a run for the board. But

R: I don’t mean to like show my add here. But how did we get talked? How do we get to Starbucks from Love Languages? That’s a good question. How did we get here? Q That one song.

I: The Days go by the Romans.

R: That’s a song of the week. That one I don’t remember how we got to Starbucks, but I guess this is a great place to kind of wrap it. Oh,

I: you were talking about words of affirmation for your fellow employee. Yeah. So

Cuts again:

R: I mean, to be fair, like. So while I don’t know much about aliens, or UFOs, or things like that, I wouldn’t think if anybody was an alien, it would be Bowie.


I am fairly certain. And Prince both. 

R: Yeah. 

I: Right now I’m going to tell you, because I love them both

R: maybe even Michael Jackson. Like, I don’t think he’s the same caliber of a musician. Personally, I just don’t like him. But I recognize that he still did have an incredible influence on everything he touched. And he was fucking crazy. So, I mean, 

I: I would put Michael Jackson up there just because like, even though we had a lot of people that were helping him out, musically, he knew enough about music. I don’t know how many instruments he knew how to play. If he knew how to play anybody,

R: I feel like a lot. I’m gonna look it up. 

I: Yeah. And yeah, go ahead and look that up. But I feel like, but he always had his hand in what he was doing. He didn’t just it wasn’t hands off, like a lot of artists do today, where they just go in and they sing and then it’s a bunch of other people that are like, No, you got to do it this way. All right, like we’re gonna do the beats this way. And I go, okay, whatever. I’m just gonna sing. But I wouldn’t have a problem putting Michael Jackson up there with Prince and Bowie.

R: I changed my mind because the first thing that came up, oh, I should save this so I can source this. So it says Jackson couldn’t read or write music at all contrary to received wisdom. He could play instruments a bit. He’s credited as playing keyboards, synthesizer, guitar, drums and percussion. But none proficiently. So he wasn’t even necessarily really like a musician. He was a singer and a dancer, which is not undermining that just saying, I had given him more credit than I should.

I: Right, and I see where you’re coming from. With that. Here’s why I will still put him up there. Even though he wasn’t prolific in the way that say Prince was, because Prince played almost all the instruments on a lot of his albums.

R: And so did Bowie didn’t he.

I: I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Bowie was probably pretty talented in that. I just like Bowie in general, a lot of his music

R: that was one of Gus’ favorite creators, too.

I: I mean, if I were to rank them, you know, from who I think best to worse, I would definitely rank it. It’s Prince Bowie. Michael Jackson. So

R: hold on. I’m trying to pull up like a PDF. So sorry, internet.

I: This is gonna get edited out anyway. 

R: Please hold. Let’s see. 

I: Are you looking to see if Bowie played instruments? 

R: Yes. So for instruments he did vocals, guitar, keyboard, saxophone and harmonica.

I: Yeah, sounds about right. Yeah.

R: But he was also a singer, songwriter and an actor. So he was doing all sorts of projects. Yes. But he was really prolific too. That’s the other thing too, is Prince Michael Jackson and Bowie. They all have really prolific careers that were very chaotic. revolutionize the music industry and their own perspectives. 

I: Right, 

R: you know, so if anyone could have been an alien that came in just integrated into society, I think it could be them.

I: Yeah, I agree with that.

Cuts again:

R: What if that’s why Bowie and Prince and Michael Jackson and other people insert here all died so young because they made too much noise, or too much attention to how much of an alien that

I: they weren’t that young. Princeton is 50. So I think he’s like 56, 

R: comparative to human life. That’s Young.

I: Okay, sure. I’m just saying like, Jimi Hendrix died young. 

R: Yeah, he would be one to Cobain would be one too.

I: So well, no, cuz? Yeah, I don’t know. 

Cuts again:

I: I am not saying that because we’re getting paid to plug Disney Plus, I’m saying that. I’m saying that because Disney plus they just put out Hawkeye. Shang chi, is now available to watch, Jungle Cruise is now available to watch.

R: I actually just watched through, they organized the Marvel movies and timeline order, and I just finished rewatching through them. And that way,

I: I saw that I was like, super amazed they took that time to do rather than just if you want to if you want to watch these in chronological order, just go Google it.

R: Well, that’s what we did. So far, like somebody actually did sit down and figure them out before a couple of the latest movies were released. And so last year, Gus and I had a Marvel movie Marvel movie marathon, where every time I saw him, we would watch like one or two of the next movies. And we had to google it every time. 

I: Right. 

R: So this made my life so much easier.

I: I will say that I am just so I’ve been just so incredibly busy between the podcast work, and my own writing stuff, I just have not had time to go back. And every time I think about going and watching those in their timeline order, I just fold I’m like I give up. It’s like way too much, too much time that I’m spending on not my own stuff. But 

R: -laughs-

I: the other thing too is like there is a thing that they have out called the razor something that’s like a razor order or something for Star Wars. 

R: hmmm

I: It came out before the sequel trilogy. So basically what it is, you can Google it to get the exact but basically, what you would do to make the sequels quote unquote better is you would watch Star Wars A New Hope.

R: I have heard of like a crazy order for Star Wars movies, but you’re the most most fanatics Star Wars fan I have in my life. So nobody else has been like, let’s sit down and do it. But I would have somebody did.

I: Right. So what you would do is you would watch a new hope you’d watch Empire Strikes Back. So spoilers. But this movie, these movies are so old at this point, if you haven’t seen them, I’m sorry I spoiled it for you

R: It’s by choice.

I: Yeah, it’s by choice. But you would watch a new hope then Empire Strikes Back. With Empire Strikes Back it ends with the reveal that Darth Vader is Luke’s father. And then instead of going to return the Jedi, as it was originally released, you would then switch over to the prequels. And you can watch the Phantom Menace. But it adds absolutely nothing to this whole thing.

R: And except Except Jar Jar Binks being the ultimate Sith Lord,

I: if that’s true, and they gave that up, that would have been a much more interesting way to go with okay, but the whole line.

R: So here’s the logic. I understand people are like, he’s just so stupid, but okay, everything he does is so fantastically stupid, that he’s just messing things up and left and right. Yet he somehow still gets a seat in the Senate later. If he’s so stupid and just fucks everything up? How does he end up in a position of power?

I: Okay, so this is where you called me a fanatic. This is where I actually show I’m not a fanatic in that sense.

R: -laughs-

I: In terms of the sense that you’re talking about, yes. And of all the people you know, in your life, I am the one who knows the most about Star Wars, the one that’s most into it, but I’m not super, like it’s not a religion. It’s not my identity kind of thing. 

R: mhm

I: So, I don’t know the ever explained it. I obviously have not read every single star wars novel, or comic book or whatever. And if there’s any of you out there, they’re like, Well, you’re not a Star Wars fan. If you haven’t consumed all of it. Kindly eff off because you can be a fan just watch the movies. You don’t have to watch all the other stuff. But anyway, off my soapbox there, so I don’t know if there was any other outside source material that explained. it in my head canon, My thing is that because if you remember in The Phantom Menace, the Naboo Nabooian’s right, the nanny state whatever you would call them, the humans. They We’re not getting along with the Gungans the race that JarJar is from, okay. Then they get invaded by the Trade Federation. They come together. And now they’re like, ‘Alright, we’re gonna be pals.’ And then there’s representation in the galactic senate. And I would think that the Gungans are like, we also want to be part of this and maybe any figure of his Queen Amidala. She’s probably going yes, we should include them in these things. So when it comes time, the Gungans are like, we need to pick a representative. 

R: why would they cannot choose someone who’s who’s consistently a jackass. 

I: Okay, listen,

R: if that wasn’t intentional.

I: Okay, but listen, putting aside the Sith Lord thing, okay? If you take that completely out, they give him the Senate role, because it gets them out of Ota Ganga or whatever the city’s called, okay, going in city. They’re like, we don’t want this do here. Get him the heck out. And so sending him to the Senate. He’s on Quorasant. Now, my understanding of how the planets are laid out is that Naboo is an outer rim planet. And so it’s really super far away from Corasant. Right? That city planet that you see. So imagine you had somebody that you hated, that you couldn’t stand, even if it’s not hate, maybe you just like, ‘Ah, this person’s annoying.’ And you had the chance 

R: I have lots of people that feel that way about

I: Sure. So imagine that instead of like, choosing a more extreme option, like killing them, or like imprisoning them in a deep underground bunker and throwing away the key. Imagine that you can send those people away from you, like, a billion light years away. So they’re still alive, but they’re out of your hair.

R: So the logic here is that they hate Jar Jar Binks more than they want to establish a good political standing with the rest of the universe.

I: I didn’t get that they hated JarJar Binx. I just think they got that they were annoyed by him.

R: See, I mean, maybe it’s just bad timing with our political environment right now. But I just feel like if I was in charge of an entire planet, or an entire like race of people, I wouldn’t make the decision to send the person I dislike the most to be in charge of our representation in political affairs. But that’s literally what happened in America. So- what if Donald Trump is a Sith Lord,

I: he’s too dumb to be a sith lord.

R: But somebody else could be pulling those strings. 

I: Oh, there’s definitely people pulling strings. But I wouldn’t consider Trump to be one of those pulling the strings anyway, to draw that back. But if you think about it, like, when you look at some of the people that we have in Congress now people like Marjorie Taylor green and Laura Bobert, it’s really not that difficult of a stretch to think that the Gungans might have kicked charger to the Senate. I don’t think it was that level. I think it was just they wanted him out of their hair, and they’re like that will send him far away.

R: I almost feel like in this instance, any any politic, like any political position, isn’t revered as much as it would be by humans.

I: Well, probably not.

R: They’re like, Oh, you want to go deal with the Senate? Fine, go deal with that.

I: But bringing it back, you don’t have to watch. You can. You can watch the Phantom Menace if you want to. But it’s not required. But you do want to watch Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. And the reason for that is because those movies act as a flashback. So Darth Vader’s like, I am your father. And then you watch those two movies. And it’s a flashback of Vader when he was younger, as an Anakin and his fall to the dark side. So when you get to the end of attack of a Sith, I mean, see the Revenge of the Sith? Then you watch return to the Jedi. And then the whole thing is just the story of Vader’s rise and fall and redemption.

R: redemption arc, okay, okay. Okay, see, that’s the thing is I had somebody in my life that was like, Hey, let’s marathon all the Star Wars movies. Like if they got joy out of it, then I would do that, but it’s not something I would necessarily do on my own.

I: I have washed it in that, in that order. Although I included the Phantom Menace, which was super painful for me. I’m not a fan of that movie. I used to say that the Phantom Menace is the answer to the question of how you can make a horrible Star Wars movie. 

R: -laughs-

I: No, because check this out, like watching, like the pod race is 30 minutes long or something like that. It’s really long. And because a lot of that is CG, computer generated graphics. It feels like I’m watching someone play a video game.

R: I’m sure that was the intention.

I: If your intention is to make it like you’re watching a video game, you failed.

R: And you know what’s funny is my husband is obsessed with Ghostbusters. And he loves the original three? are three or two. Okay, so we’re that were that were made pre-

I: Oh, not okay, so there’s for the female one. Okay, too. So it’s just Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters two.

R: So he loves those. And then when the female one came out the he as an avid fan hates it. And like his his whole thing is that he appreciates what it was trying to do. But the action scene like at the end, the way that he describes it, is that they had 30 writers in a room trying to come up with ideas, and they couldn’t decide on what they wanted to do. So they included everything. And he’s just like, if you take any one aspect of the like, final scene, it would have been a dope movie, but they just put so much in that more often than not, we were sitting there being like, ‘Okay, what’s going on here?’ And I get that, as somebody who does not really like Ghostbusters is cool, but I’m not going to go out of my way to watch him you know, and I appreciated the female movie for as like a separate piece of media not as part of the series, which I’m told was the intention. But the new Ghostbusters just came out. Number three, the afterlife one, and it was so good. I loved it. 

I: You seen it? 

R: Yes. 

I: Okay. 

R: And so I like that one a lot more than he liked the female version. But there’s like some controversy with where the actors from the female version are talking about how like it’s disrespectful that there was no inclusion for them in this part of the franchise. But they made this movie as a remake where it did not include the original Ghostbusters, there were no reference to the original Ghostbusters. They were like trying to redo it entirely and then ended up flopping.

I: Okay, so let me talk to that. Because I love Ghostbusters. Like I grew up in that demographic that just fell in love with the first one. I was not a huge fan of the second one. Although going back older and looking at it, I can appreciate a little bit better than back in the time. 

R: That’s fair

I: The thing with the Ghostbusters 2016, which is what they’re calling it to differentiate it from the other ones is I didn’t think that that movie was as bad as most people were making it out to be. But that being said, it was certainly not a good movie. And Paul is absolutely right about that. And it felt like they were just throwing everything in the kitchen sink. Honestly, that movie. Okay, so the original Ghostbusters was a horror movie with comedic elements. It was not a comedy with horror elements. 

R: Yeah, 

I: whereas Ghostbusters 2016 completely missed that mark. And they made it a comedy with horror elements. 

R: And not only that, but the main female character I forget her name, but she just was negative and harpy the whole time. Like there was no comic relief. It was just like Debbie Downer the whole time.

I: Are you talking about the Kristen Wiig character?

R: Yes. 

I: Okay, no, 

R: not the Holtzmann character with the other one.

I: Okay, so let me let me speak to that. Because one of the hugely disappointing things about that movie for me. So you, you announce it. Here’s a Ghostbuster movie. It’s going to have a female an all female cast. Okay. I certainly see where people would be a little upset. They want to see the original Ghostbusters. You know, I would have loved to have seen you know, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd the rest of them come back but for reasons unrelated to this movie, it just wasn’t happening. 

R: Yeah. 

I: So I can see where people might be a little upset over that if your reason for getting upset is oh, they turned it into females. If just looking at that solely is your problem, then you’re an idiot. Okay, 

R: I agree

I: just swapping out characters for different gender. Now if they here’s my thing because those characters are new characters. They’re not Egon and Spangler in them so it’s not like they took the original Ghostbuster characters and just gender swapped them which I would agree is like kind of horrible, but they didn’t do that it was new characters. The fact that they didn’t hook it to the original two movies. Yeah, I totally can get why you would be upset with that because it did that movie absolutely did present itself as if those other movies did not happen. 

R: Yeah. 

I: So

R: no homage to the original setup or anything of any kind. Right? It was it was a remake, not like a like a reboot.

I: Well, I wouldn’t call it a remake because remake. They did. Do a lot of the same things. There was similar beats, and there’s a few things that was similar to the original movies. But by and large, they had a lot of different stuff in it. I would call it a reboot. That’s what I would call it. 

R: Okay.

I: But then you announce who the actresses are. And you have Kristen Wiig, you have Kate McKinnon. At the time, I was not really familiar with Leslie Jones. And you had an

R: Paul loved Kate McKinnon’s role as like the Egon type character.

I: Kate McKinnon was absolutely the high point for me in that movie. Absolutely. But I’m trying to remember what the other actresses

R: I don’t know. But everything I see her in like that. I forget her name. God damn, I’m so sorry. 

I: Melissa McCarthy

R: Yes. I feel like she gets typecasted as the like, fat comedy really friend in everything.

I: Yeah, unfortunately. But here’s the thing. All of those actresses have comedic chops. Like if you watch them and other things, so early on, Melissa McCarthy really wasn’t getting to typecast but a lot of the successful roles she had did typecast her into that. Absolutely. And it’s unfortunate because there are movies where you see her doing things that are not that typical Melissa McCarthy thing that everybody thinks of when we mentioned her name, and she’s a really good actress, she can pull it off. But anyway, you get this cast, and it’s like, okay, these guys are gonna be funny. I’ve seen the other stuff. You know, and a lot of people at the time were like, well, I don’t know Kate McKinnon, Kate McKinnon at the time, her biggest thing was Saturday Night Live.

R: I was gonna say her whole thing is comedy was with SNL.

I: Yes. And I would highly suggest if you think if you saw this movie, and you’re like, I don’t find Kate McKinnon funny. Go look up the Saturday Night Live skits that she is in. She is absolutely hilarious. 

R: mhm

I: But coming back to that, so they announced this and it’s like, okay, it’s gonna at least be a comedy. Even if they’re not doing it. Alright, whatever. I’m okay. I’m on board. 

R: mhm

I: But then you get this movie. And it was a colossal waste of these actresses’ talents. 

R: Yeah,

I: it wasn’t funny. It was lame jokes. You had Bill Murray’s cameo where they knock him out a window, which I felt was kind of disrespectful. 

R: mhm

I: Chris Hemsworth showing up and kind of flipping the Janine character on its head. That was that was kind of funny.

R: But here’s the thing though. Chris Hemsworth character was like really fucking stupid. A fumbling idiot. Janine was just SAS. 

I: Yes,

R: she was still intelligent. She could still keep up. She gave Egon a run for his money all the time. So like, there was a lot of cleverness and sass. Whereas Chris Hemsworth character, which I know isn’t him directly, but like that character was just fucking stupid. Just consistently dumb. 

I: Yes, 

R: I think that was a stir, not a stereotype. But I think it was a commentary on how most female roles in that situation are, like, set up to be stupid. And so I understand it was like, most of the time, it’s females that are dumb secretaries. And now it’s Chris Hemsworth. Who’s super hot and now he’s a stupid secretary. But like, why take that stance with the Ghostbusters?

I: Okay, exactly. You could take that concept and totally make it work with the right material. It did not work in Ghostbusters 2016. And this shows a larger problem with movies. A lot of people want to say, ‘Oh, well the reason why you know people don’t like the female Ghostbusters movie is because of misogyny.’ That is not it at all. Step back. That script is horrible. It did nothing for those actresses. Those actresses are- if you look at any of their other movies, they’re very clearly talented. This movie wasted that. you had this overreliance on? Well, we’re gonna make women look big and badass at the expense of men. And that’s just, that’s just dumb. Okay, and it’s Miss Sandras, I’m gonna call it, okay. You can take female characters, and make them powerful, and make them work without doing it at the expense of men. Now, you can say, Well, men have been doing this at the expense of women for decades. And I’m going to say, Yeah, you’re right. But two wrongs don’t make a right. If you’re trying to correct that trajectory. The way to correct it is not to just do it, but just swap the genders. 

R: mhm

I: Okay, because it’s just not gonna work. So he comes in, and he’s just dumb for the sake of being Dumb. 

R: Yeah, I hate it. 

I: And then you have the villain at the end, who just his whole reason for doing what he’s doing, I’m gonna let all these ghosts out and destroy the world because nobody likes me. There’s a lot of people that don’t

R: I feel like that’s a lot of energy and effort to go through just because he is lonely. And so that’s the whole thing is like, there’s no real depth to any of these characters.

I: No, it’s basically they’re basically

R: they were trying to cash in on Ghostbusters, and trying to rake in on histologia, like most companies do. 

I: Sure, 

R: and it just didn’t turn out well. And that’s them problem. But,

I: I mean, I do feel for them that they probably did go into that, because I don’t get the sense that they were phoning in their performances. I think we’re doing just

R: a bad movie. Like the director just made some bad choices. The producer, the studio somebody is somebody who has real power to make decisions just chose wrong, is basically what I was trying to say.

I: Well, yeah, and I would agree with you on that. And I’m sorry that the women feel left out and are not acknowledged. But that’s what happens when you set your thing outside of the Ghostbusters universe. When you make your movie to be its own insular thing, and act like this other Ghostbusters stuff never happened. How do you get included into a universe that acknowledges that those Ghostbusters existed and that that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man event happened?

R: Exactly. Okay, I’m sorry. How would you be included when you didn’t even leave that open? Well, obviously, they didn’t like they didn’t make it open when they because we’re what I’m told. The whole plan was to like do the female movie as if it was Ghostbusters one and then remake the whole series, do a whole new platform and like kind of start it all over again. And that’s one of the examples of capitalism where like, they’re like, You know what? Nostalgia will make people spend money, they’ll all come to this. That’ll be enough. We’ll just start selling mass amounts of junk. And it didn’t work out because like, sure you got the name and some of the science and things but like it still wasn’t Ghostbusters at heart. And then with Ghostbusters afterlife. Did you know that the 

I: No spoilers is I haven’t seen one. 

R: No, I’m not going to but the director who directed afterlife is the son of who directed Ghostbusters one and two. And it shows

I: Oh, yeah. So Ivan Reitman directed the first to Ghostbusters. Jason Reitman did this one. Jason was actually on the set of he was in the movie. 

R: Yeah, he was in the movie as well. And like wanting to so like, you know, that birthday party where they are asking for like he man or something. And this kid comes up and he’s like, my dad says you’re full of shit. And he’s like, Well, you know, people can be wrong. He’s like, No, my dad says you’re just full of shit. That’s him.

I: Yeah. But here’s my take on on the thing. I think you can do a sequel with the female cast, and have it be its own thing. And just in a different, idk, parallel dimension or whatever. But if you make a second female Ghostbusters, 

R: I don’t think they will because they lost money on the first one.

I: Oh, yeah, they’re probably not. But if I were making a second female leg Ghostbusters with that cast, I will tell you right now, I absolutely would watch a Ghostbusters movie with that cast, provided that the script was good. Provided that they weren’t lazy and, you know, relied on stupid tropes, you know, crafted an actual intelligent movie. Yeah, I would love to see them get a second chance. I mean, I don’t see that happening just because you know, the thing, but, but you have to come to the table with a good script, not a script that’s gonna be like, ‘Oh, we’re gonna make the female characters better and all the men characters bumbling.’ The other thing too is this kind of idea that just because it’s a female led script, and I feel like Hollywood gets lazy with these type movies. You put this thing out, it’s all women. And they talk about female empowerment. And this is for the women and whatever. There’s nothing wrong with movies aimed at women. Just like there’s no nothing wrong with movies aimed at men. However, that being said, I will say this, they do this and they make it for the female audience.

R: still, I’m pretty sure it’s still directed by men though and that’s the issue.

I: Okay, regardless of who it is, it’s what they’re directing that ad they’re directing it at a demographic all movies have a demo graphic in mind, if you’re making a kid’s movie, you are not aiming it at the demographic of single adult man who do not have kids or couples who do not have kids. You’re aiming it for the kids, the kids and then the parents are going to bring their kids to it. That’s what you’re doing right? 

R: mhm

I: If you are making a movie that is just for women, only, men probably aren’t gonna come to see that. That’s not the target demographic.

R: Yeah, but the point that I’m bringing up is like, let’s say you’re doing a chick flick romance movie, right? I feel like the issue is that most of Hollywood is run by men. And so they have the, like, the intention of we’re going to create this chick flick for chicks. But it’s all geared from an understanding of what men think women want and from their personal experiences with things so it still misses the mark

I: i don’t know, I would disagree with that based on the rom coms I’ve seen,

R: but like that’s what I’m saying though, is like, they try. They get kind of close, but they still miss it a lot. 

Cuts again:

R: What was his name in the labyrinth? Jericho? No, this was his it was his name is

I: are you talking about David Bowie. Yeah, in the labyrinth. It starts with the j omega just totally threw me. I think it’s

R: Jaret?

I: jerath? I’ll look that up real quick, because it’s gonna bug the crap out of me. 

R: Jarick

I: No, I’m pretty sure it’s jerath

R: labyrinth fans everywhere are hating me so much right now. I’m sorry, you guys. You know what? I at least made the reference. Okay.

I: Right. But here’s my feeling on that. It’s like you’re gonna get butthurt that somebody didn’t get the name of the character. Correct. Cuz you’re like someone like, Okay, I love Darth Vader. But if somebody said Darth Vader, 

R: you know, 

I: Dark. I wouldn’t be like, Oh my God, you suck.

R: I give the name Darth Vader. Anytime that someone’s like, Can I get a name for your order? I just say Darth Vader because Rhiannon is weird. And I’m not trying to fuck around with it. And people do put dark with a k. And I’m like, okay, cool. I’m cool with dark. Ai. It’s close enough. You can’t wait for anything.

I: Right? But my thing with getting upset cuz somebody didn’t get your favorite character jerrith, it is Jared. Oh, nice. 

R: You know who you remind me of?

I: Who me? 

R: Yeah, you remind me of the babe.

I: We talking about the fab baseball player that calls his home run?

R: the babe with the power 

I: the pig?

R:  the babe with the power. 

I: are you talking about Jack Jack 

R: I was trying to quote the debt the fucking labyrinth to you like you read the big book The the the power of power the power of food. You do? Do what remind me of the name?

I: Yeah. Okay, so here’s the thing

R: I was trying to have that exchange with you. I tried guys.

I: I liked that movie. But I honestly have not seen it in forever. I keep meaning to buy it on DVD or Blu Ray and it’s just just one of those things that just comes into my head at a time that I’m not- like right now I’m talking about it. Okay, but I’m not gonna be sitting there doing the order while I’m doing this episode. 

R: You know,what I would love 

I: what.

R: If people care enough about it. Maybe we can do a live stream on Twitch sometime in the future. Where we commentate on the labyrinth.

I: I think that might be getting into copyright.

R: Oh, that’s fair. Okay, well, then they we can record our reactions.

I: We I’ll look into it. See if it’s doable. 

R: Yeah, like a movie night. And we can just talk about this wonderful movie. I love it. 

I: It’is a good movie. I just have

R: it’s on par with like Rocky Horror Picture Show for me. I love like it’s one of those occult movies where I don’t necessarily want to vibe with it all the time. But it’s one of those like, if if Rocky is on you fucking watch it in the labyrinth is on you fucking watch it.

I: Yeah, I love Rocky Horror Picture Show the but I haven’t. It’s been decades since I’ve seen labyrinth. And again, like right now I’m like, ‘Oh, I gotta order that.’ But you know, I’m not gonna stop and do it in the middle of the episode to buy a movie. So

R: but I haven’t. We could. We could watch it. 

I: Yeah, we’ll probably have to. 

Cuts again:

I: As far as solving real world problems. We’ll just kind of end on this. I think that you brought up that we tend to like look at the financial thing, where we’re at Today, it seems like our political leaders, they certainly can find, and by political leaders, I mean, Republicans, although there are corporate Democrats that fall into this as well, but they certainly can find the money for the tax cuts for the already wealthy corporations. 

R: Yeah.

I: But the moment you start talking about doing things for the average American things like health care, which is a human right, I believe, and we can certainly talk about this, probably this is going to be something that’s better for its own episode. 

R: Mhm

I: But it’s like once you start talking about helping people, everyday people, then all sudden, 

R: now there’s a pay issue

I: like, Oh, where are we gonna get this money? Or what?

R: Well, you know, it’s because they all do lobbying. So all lobbyists, you are paying for each other’s pay cuts, but it’s all just a constant money laundering scheme. I hate the stock market so much. I hate digital currency, cryptocurrency, like I get that it’s awesome. And people love it. I just I see so much corruption in it. And I’m so angry that humans are like this. But you know, what’s interesting is here in America, there’s the like liberals very left leaning, right? Leaning, everyone is very, like politically labeled and set in their ways. In other parts of the country. They teach that Democrats and Republicans are both on the right or left or whatever, that they are both two heads to the same Hydra

I: in America. Especially we don’t have a left we have a far right. Yeah, that has gotten pushed really far right into fascism and autocracy. And as a result, the Overton window has gotten shifted. So what is considered left today? So like, for example, Biden is president as of this episode, whether you agree to it or not. Biden, if you look at Biden, his principles and things he believes in, that is very much the beliefs of what used to be like a moderate Republican.

R: Yep. And I actually, when I looked into it, I, the original, original beliefs of when the party system was created, I personally agreed with a lot of Republican points like I like got it, but the way that things have morphed on any side, any political side, again, I just see so much corruption, 

I: sure

R: and I get so angry with humans, because we have all this potential, we have resources, and then we have resources that we are vastly burning through and do not have a way to replace but those are the ones that we decided to build our society on for some reason, versus the ones that are sustainable and renewable. 

I: Sure. By the way,

R: i’m just like why, 

I: I’m gonna predict that the reviews for this show are gonna be something like liberty, it was really really great until he started talking about politics. Yeah, I would have given it five stars but then you start talking about politics. That’s why I did knock off four. kind of want to apologize for just completely lobbying like

R: politics. It’s been an emotional roller coaster ever episode and I’m so sorry.

I: No, it’s okay. So

Cuts again:

I: That brings to a close our end of year review, we hope you enjoyed it. We’ll be back in 2022. Have a year!

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