Tricky Fish – Episode 0 – The Commercial

Tricky Fish – Episode 0 – The Commercial

Tricky Fish
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This is the obligatory trailer that tells you about the podcast. Enjoy!


IAN: Welcome to the tricky fish podcast, where we share unfiltered stories and conversations about our lives and the things that we find interesting 

RHIANNON: In this, we hope to entertain and broaden perspectives while also inspiring creativity, motivation, personal and spiritual growth, love and confidence.

IAN: From the perspectives of a Gen X dad 

RHIANNON: And his Millennial daughter.

IAN: We’re your hosts, Ian.

RHIANNON: And Rhiannon, 

IAN: You can find us on apple podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts from. You can also find us at and on Twitter as at  tricky fish pod.

RHIANNON: Feel free to share and leave reviews because we all know how much that helps us out. Here’s a sample of the kind of things you’ll hear on the tricky fish podcast. And we look forward to sharing this project with you.

INTRO: Welcome to tricky fish, a conversation between a Gen X dad and his Millennial daughter. Here’s your hosts, Ian and Rhiannon. 

IAN: If you could have any superpower, what would it be? 

RHIANNON: The ability to manipulate probability. 

IAN: What do you mean? 

RHIANNON: So as it stands right now, there is no chance that I could be a mermaid at all whatsoever, as far as I’m aware, but let’s say that I have this ability to manipulate probability. Then what’s the probability that if I get wet by salt water, I magically become a mermaid with the abilities to swim into the deep depths of the ocean? 100%. Now I’m a mermaid. 

IAN: Nice. If I could have any superpower – Are you familiar with the character Nightcrawler from the X-Men comics? 

RHIANNON: Yeah. I love Nightcrawler!

IAN: I want the BAMF power. I want to be able to teleport anywhere just because I could just go and like – Let’s say I want to visit Scotland. I could just, BAMF! I’m in Scotland!

RHIANNON: You don’t have to have a clear mental image of being there before being able to go? You just go?

IAN: I don’t know if Nightcrawler needs that? 

RHIANNON: Does that follow jumper rules?

IAN: This is my super power. I don’t have to have seen the place. 

RHIANNON: That’s right.

IAN: I can just think about it. Even if I have to look at the picture, there’s plenty of pictures of Scotland. I could just BAMF over to Scotland, visit, and BAMF! I’m back. If I wake up late, I can just BAMF to work and then BAMF back home.

RHIANNON: I would still find a way to be late to work despite having that ability. 

IAN: Yeah, probably.

RHIANNON: But if I can manipulate probability, then the probability that you will like this podcast is now 100%.

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